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Interview with Edwards Group, Inc., President and CEO Steve Edwards.

Pilatus Helps Steve Edwards Soar Like An Eagle

Steve K. Edwards, 45, is a busy and happy entrepreneur based in Seneca, S.C. Edwards Group, Inc. employs more than 300 people across the country in enterprises as diverse as radio stations, newspapers, web printing services and real estate.

Without his company’s single-engine turboprop Pilatus PC-12 airplane, he says, he’d be “dead in the water.”

In addition, Edwards is a much-sought-after motivational speaker who urges people to take control of their lives. Under the company name “The Amazing Factor,” he challenges his listeners to “soar like eagles in a world full of ducks.”

“Without our Pilatus PC-12, I don’t know what we’d do,” he says. “I suppose we’d have to drive, or take the airlines, but I can guarantee we’d be losing money that way. Our airplane is our time machine.”

The Pilatus is a single-engine turboprop often used by small businesses. It can carry as many as nine passengers at more than 300 miles per hour, nonstop directly to a general aviation (GA) airport very close to a work site.    

“Many times people will call us up and want to make a deal on a piece of land or a building or a shopping center,” he said. “They’re dealing in an immediate need. And when you tell them, let me get some airline reservations and I’ll be up there in a week, they feel dumped. But we can respond literally that day in our airplane if we have to and make a deal others would have missed while waiting for a connection at an airline airport.”

He also mentioned employees who use the company airplane to get to a remote work site and back home for dinner the same day. “Not only are the employees happy, but their spouses are happy, too, and we all know a happy employee makes a productive employee,” he said.

“Company airplanes are just an efficient use of time, and time is money,” he concluded. “The country is a lot smaller place at 300 mph and when you can land exactly where you need to be.”

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